3 Questions to Ask Before Investing in your Health

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I have stated on many occasions that investing in your health today is an investment in your future.   This “investment” orientation suggests that

You are very thoughtful about how you choose to allocate your resources.

Are you?   If you are not already, then perhaps you should be.     The folks at LearnVest have provided some very simple guidance to help people to make better decisions regarding how they spend their money.   I think they can be sensibly applied to deciding to invest in a health coach.    It all comes down to how much happiness you will experience.   I know it seems a little cushy, but hang with me for a sec.

Question 1:  Does hiring a health coach make me feel good about who I am?

AdmittedlyI would venture to say it would.    How?  First, that internal pride-o-meter will probably tick to the right because you are doing something positive for yourself.   That good feeling continues throughout the coaching process:  I learn about you and when you have been successful in the past.   This revelation is confidence boosting for most people.  There are so many good things that you have done, that you have probably forgotten half of them.

Question 2:  Does it have meaning?

Of course it does.  If you are even thinking about it, you recognize that you could benefit from living healthier.   As part of our vision and values exercise, you become truly in touch with what you want your body to do.   Here are some examples:

I want live to age 85 with a good quality of life. From an African American man in his late 60s

I want to be able to keep up with my children as I age.  From a first time new father in his mid 40s

I want to do everything in my power to make it possible to bear children.  From a single woman in her late 30s

I never want to have to worry about fibroids again. From a woman in her mid 30s. 

Devising these vision statements and constantly checking back to make sure your habits are aligned with them will ensure that the investment has meaning for you.

Question 3:  Does it engage or challenge me?

I promise this process will.   We all know that change is hard.   Nevertheless,  most of us respond positively when we are implementing positive changes in ourselves and see progress–even if it is hard.   Consider all of the seemingly horrible experiences runners or Crossfitters endure such as, unsightly callouses, pain, salt burns, incontinent bowels or lost toenails.  Yet the neurochemicals that get released from that level of engagement are so addicting that you continue–even if it is uncomfortable.

Do these questions resonate with you?   Which ones would you add?

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