8 benefits to recruiting a personal health coach

Goal Attainment
Some people have been gifted with oodles of self discipline and control.  Most of us, however, have no such gifts.  If you have a desire to change, but the willpower isn’t there, it may be time to call in the calvary–the Health Coach.   55% of Americans suffered from a chronic illness in 2012.   33% of Americans are considered obese by current medical standards.   The data show that our efforts in maintaining good health could be improved.   In fact, Healthy People 2010 noted that 50% of the causes of chronic illness are due to behaviors.    Habits such as excessive smoking or drinking, drug use, unprotected sex, overeating and being sedentary all contribute to many of the  diseases facing us.   I am sure that many people want to change, but some of these habits are very difficult to shake.  Out of this challenge, the field of health coaching was born.     Health coaches help clients to address those issues standing in the way of achieving optimal health.   More specifically, and integrative health coach focuses on the mind, the body and the spirit, because each of these segments contribute to positive wellbeing.   Here are 8 benefits to recruiting an integrative health coach.


Through regularly scheduled check ins, the integrative health coach can help you develop a vision for your health, establish goals that are unique to you and help you achieve those goals.  I have used a coach before and looked forward to completing the exercises to get a better idea of what my own personal goals are.

Get through the hard stuff

When the going gets tough, your integrative health coach can assist you in navigating through this rocky period.  Depending on their background and experience, they may also be able to access the right resources or brainstorm ways to overcome obstacles.


Health coaches come from a variety of fields and can be the source of lots of valuable information for their clients.   Be sure to look for someone whose approach and beliefs about health are compatible with yours.

Increase your level of self care

Utilizing a health coach can help you optimize movement, exercise and rest in your life, improve nutrition, address issues with your personal and professional development, enhance your physical environment, improve relationships and the communication with the people you love, give attention to your spirit and strengthen the connection between your mind and body.   Getting these dimensions into balance can result in medication reduction, symptom relief and improvements in general mood.


One of the biggest complaints about engaging with physicians today is that there isn’t enough time for patients to ask the questions they need.   Health coaches can encourage patients to take a more active role in their own self care.   They may then be able to make better use of the time with their doctors, reduce the likelihood of non compliance with prescriptions and become more knowledgeable about their own body.

Increase goal achievement

At the beginning of each year, people all over the works create resolutions like, “Lose weight.”  or “Exercise more”.  These are great aspirations, but are doomed to fail because they are not SMART goals.   SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Results-focused and Time bound.   A health coach can help you refine your goals and hold you accountable to them, so that you are more likely to be successful.

Invest in your future

What better investment can you make than in your health?    Sure, people like George Burns exist, but what assurance do you have that you can also smoke like a chimney and live to 100?    Your health is an investment.    If you want a long life devoid of chronic illnesses, the best thing you can do is to start making contributions to your health today.    An integrative health coach can get you started on the path to insuring a healthy, abundant future.

Help you to address all aspects of your life that impact your health

You are not your leg. You are not your heart.    You are a complex being made of a mind, a body and a spirit.   You exist in a broader community.  Believe it or not, changes in these dimensions can impact your health.    For example, chronic pain can cause depression, poor emotional health can contribute to overeating, strong support systems can prolong life in cancer patients.

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