What is integrative health coaching?

Integrative health coaching enhances empowerment and supports clients in establishing long lasting, health-related behavior change.  A integrative health coach will help you embark on your own health improvement journey to realize your optimal health vision.

How does integrative health coaching differ from life or executive coaching?

Integrative health coaching tends to focus specifically on issues that impact health in the context of a client’s goals, values and an integrative understanding of well-being.    Life coaches may focus on a broader range of life issues that may not be directly health related.    Executive coaches focus on enhancing a client’s leadership skills in their workplace.

Is integrative health coaching evidence based?

Even though integrative health coaching is a new field and requires a pretty complex trial protocol, there is a small body of peer-reviewed evidence demonstrating its ability to improve health behaviors.   In fact, the personal health-planning model taught by Duke Integrative Medicine has been demonstrated in a randomized controlled trial to lower the risk of 10-year cardiovascular risk in patients at risk for heart disease.   In this study, changes were achieved at 5-6 months and were maintained through the 10-month study period.

There are also several other studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of integrative health coaching at Duke Integrative Medicine.

What is the role of the integrative health coach?

The integrative health coach bridges the gap between medical recommendations and client empowerment.   They should establish a non-judgmental partnership that helps the client to codify their own optimal health vision, identify values and goals, highlight aids and navigate around obstacles to change, inspire and support the maintenance of that change, hold clients accountable for their commitments and help them learn from both desirable and undesirable outcomes.

There are lots of health coaches out there.  How are you different?

My focus is to guide you to better health, based on your life situation, desires and goals. In addition, to having experience promoting solutions to disease and of promoting health, I have also improved my health through an approach very similar to the Integrative Coaching Model I now use with clients.    It has helped me to change my eating habits and incorporate more exercise in my life.  These changes led to all kinds of experiences that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred.  My goal is to help you to discover what your life has to offer once you decide to incorporate habits that will enhance your well-being.

Does my insurance cover health coaching?

Currently, insurance companies do not cover private health coaching and this is typically an out-of-pocket investment.  Some plans, may have coaching included as a perk.  Note that the goals these coaches may steer you toward may be those that are most advantageous to the insurance company.  It is important to keep in mind that this investment in time and money today may prevent tons of medical expenses down the road.

What kinds of issues can integrative health coaching address?

Integrative health coaching has been used to help patients with many conditions, including, but not limited to:

obesity,  diabetes,  hypertension,  insomnia, low energy,  stress

Can a healthy person benefit from integrative health coaching?

Absolutely!  Even if you haven’t been officially diagnosed with a disease, integrative health coaching can help you modify your current lifestyle habits to make sure they are consistent with your values.   Coaching can also help you to put habits in place that make achieving life goals more likely.

What are realistic outcomes of a health coaching experience of 3-4 months?

Behavior change can be challenging and requires ample focus.  Therefore, we will typically work to establish one habit at a time.   You can expect to incorporate several new health promoting habits into your life in a 3-4 month engagement.    More complex behaviors may demand a longer commitment.

Am I a good candidate for integrative health coaching?

A good health-coaching candidate is a person that is ready to make some changes in their current lifestyle to improve their health.  Even if you have not been successful before, health coaching can be a valuable addition to your life.

Is it possible to change habits that have been ingrained for 20 years?

Absolutely!   In our partnership, we explore your optimal health vision and, through motivational interviews, develop an understanding of what motivates you, where you have been successful, and what you like to do.   This is powerful incentive for a person to implement change in their lives.

How long is a typical engagement?

Research has shown that it could take as many as 2 months to change a simple habit.  The proof of concept study conducted by Duke Integrative Medicine observed many positive behavior changes in the first 5-6 months of the study that were sustained over the 10 month study period.   As such, the coaching packages are structured based on data such as these.

How do you conduct coaching sessions?

For most situations, a coaching engagement will be conducted either by telephone or via video call.     If a client is in the Washington, DC metropolitan area or the Hampton Roads, VA area, in person meetings may be a possibility.

Can I do a coaching session with a friend?

Sure, private group coaching sessions are limited to 3 people.   Working with friends saves you $$$!    Each participant must agree to meet at a regular prescribed time.    Private coaching groups are conducted via Skype or Google Hangout.

How much does coaching cost?

Prices for coaching varies depending on the services provided.   Please contact Living RahRah!  for more information.

Do I need to consult my doctor before working with you?

It depends on the nature of the health issue you want to address.  In general, it is likely in your best interest to consult a medical professional before making any changes to your diet, exercise program or medication protocol.

I see what other people are doing to get healthy, why is working with an integrative health coach different?

Some people are successful with dieting, some are successful with intense exercise regimens.  That tends to be a small portion of our population.   52% of consumers have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, so not everyone has been successful with many of the fad diets and exercise crazes.   Integrative health coaching gets the the root of what motivates you and why and asks how can we leverage this information to foster lasting change.

How do I get started?

The first step is to schedule a free consultation so we can learn more about you and the issues you would like to address.    You can contact Rahcyne at rahcyne@livingrahrah.com or make a 30 min appointment.