First week down!


So excited to embark on this new journey into social entrepreneurship! I have been working on setting things up for the business for a couple of months now.  Building websites is a completely different animal when you are doing it yourself instead of using a web agency (which is what I have historically done).   Last week I completed my first in person session at Duke Integrative Medicine.    This was a great opportunity to build on all of the behavior change experience I have gained from my experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in my public health education.   It’s nice when concepts you have learned at different points of your life build on each other and fit together like a puzzle of sorts.    At Duke, I am adding a mindfulness practice and motivational interviewing skills to my arsenal.   I am also coaching my classmates every week to put those skills into practice.  I hope to start giving workshops and speaking on the importance of healthy behaviors, personal health planning and mindfulness very soon!  Stay tuned and follow Living RahRah!, LLC on your favorite social network to stay up to date on when we will open for coaching services!

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