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MyHealthResume brings all of your health information together in one place.

How many times have you seen a doctor or nurse or acupuncturist or nutritionist and had to fill out a health history form?    If you are anything like me, you probably forgot some important detail that may be relevant for your care.  MyHealthResume allows you to compile and maintain this information in a low stress environment.

It will EMPOWER you to have deeper conversations with your doctor, because you will be on top of your own health situation

One thing though….

Its critical that you approach MyHealthResume in the same way that you would write a professional resume.

You’ve got to tell the truth!

Otherwise, you are only shortchanging yourself and your future.  And that’s never good!

MyHealthResume offers a place to capture your unique family health history, as well.  If you haven’t done so before, now is a great time to chat with your relatives about their health.  Take this opportunity to do so.

You can choose to manage it in the Cloud using Google Drive, or download it as a Word Document to your computer.

Customize so that it reflects your situation.

Don’t worry!

Your health information is safe. None of your personal health data gets sent back to Living RahRah!

Complete and print MyHealthResume and take it with you every time you go to see a medical professional.

Doesn’t it make sense that your doctor might want to know EVERYTHING that is going on with you right now?

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