Getting started with detoxing

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Often times we think of our health being a function of how we feel as individuals.   This is likely a result of our system’s disease-focused approach to health.  Yesterday, I was watching The Untold Stories from the E.R. on Discovery Fit and Health and was intrigued with the story of a young college co-ed that repeatedly visited the emergency room complaining of headaches.   The pain was so severe that she had to temporarily leave school.  The doctors had no idea how to help her as all of her vital signs seem to check out.   They did, however, believe that she believed that something was wrong and gave her a prescription for pain killers.

Just before she returned to school, she stopped by the E.R. to get a prescription to carry her through the semester.  Think about it, that is a LOT of pain meds!   The doctor obliged and for some reason walked her to her car.   He saw that she was driving a mint condition, candy-red Chevrolet Bel-Air, circa 1950s.   A car enthusiast, he pleaded with her to take it for a spin around the block.

Before long, she was again complaining of a headache.   The doctor was feeling a bit woozy as well.   Then her problem clicked for him. Emissions from the old car!  After confirming his hypothesis, he was able to treat her appropriately.

This story is a perfect example of how your physical environment might be contributing to your sluggishness, headaches or other symptoms you may be experiencing.    However, our health care system is NOT oriented to consider the ecological factors that impact our well-being.  There are insults where we live, in our schools and at our jobs.   It can become frustrating!    What to do?   Here a few options to consider:

Detox your home environment.   This list is a great start of things you can start doing right now.

Get involved in your community.  Recent budget cuts have reduced the amount of funds available to implement preventative health measures in the school system.   Any change is left up to parents and residents.

Detox your work environment.   Technology is putting a hurting on us as human beings.   But that doesn’t mean we can’t fight back.   The first step is awareness.    Check out these ways your work environment might be damaging to your health.

Believe it or not, your body is exposed to lots of chemicals, both good and bad, and is amazing at doing its own detoxification.  If you are eating good, whole foods, there is really no reason to jump on the commercial, expensive detox bandwagon.  It is probably more effective to spend your time removing the toxins from your environment.  And these suggestions are a good place to start.

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