My favorite app for healthy eats


If I were to create an app to promote healthy lifestyles, it would be something like Healthy Out.   In fact, that is how I discovered this valuable resource.

I had a great idea to create a Yelp like application that would help me to find healthy foods nearby.  In doing some preliminary research, I came across Healthy Out.    It’s perfect if you are Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, or whatever.  There is something for everyone.   You can select your preferred nutritional  desires, choose if you would like to include fast food chains, pick your cuisine, specific ingredients and how you want to get the meal, and voila!, a list of nearby dishes and restaurants meeting your specific criteria is immediately returned.  There is even a filter option for “not a salad”  when you become just sick of eating ‘grass’.    Its the perfect solution for wanting to find something tasty and healthy to eat when you are out and about.  Now the app appears to have been created for the NYC market, but it seems to work pretty decently here in downtown Silver Spring, MD.   How does it work in your area?

This free application is available for iPhones and for Android phones.

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