My Approach

Wheel_of_Health_2010_croppedIntegrative health coaching enhances empowerment and supports clients in establishing long lasting, health-related behavior change.    Generally, integrative refers to a multidisciplinary approach to, in this case health care.   As an Integrative Health Coach, I focus on improving the health of the entire person.  Through a detailed assessment and a series of conversations, I will help you to design and implement a personalized game plan for an improved lifestyle and better health.   

My approach is based on the Wheel of Health, developed by Duke Integrative Medicine. This means that our conversations will focus on your mind, your body, your spirit and how they impact your community.   This approach prioritizes prevention and evidence-based conventional and complementary therapies.

Our healthcare system is in transition.    In a world where the average doctor appointment lasts about 15 minutes and it takes nearly a month to get a scheduled appointment, coaching promotes self care as a way to manage your health between doctor visits.

The human body has a tremendous capacity to health itself. Through our personal, private and client-driven partnership I will guide you in developing your own plan for optimal health–leveraging your strengths.   After all, you are the expert in YOU.

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