Winding down 2011

Its the time of year when reflection becomes the topic of conversation.    News programs recall the most notable events of the year; entertainment shows list who we’ve lost and radio station countdown the top songs of the past 12 months.  It is only appropriate that I too take a look at what has happened, celebrate, […]

Bad Habits

I was fan of Maxwell when he debuted with Urban Hang Suite back in the 90s.   I wasn’t too fond of some of the songs on his latest album.  However.  I melt everytime I hear Bad Habits.  OMG!   First of all, he is fine.   Second, of all, the song is dope!    It also gives me […]

Little by little

Today was a good day!   First day of a three day weekend, it was sunny outside AND a binge day!    Did my P90X installment this morning, Shoulders and Arms, had my belongings estimated for my move, had a good breakfast, dinner and dessert.   Also decided to drive to the East Coast! I’m excited. After a […]

Can you say Y-U-M-M-Y???

Smoked Paprika Pecans!   A tasty low carb snack… Want to make your own?  Here is a recipe from SparkRecipes. Paprika Roasted Pecans SUBMITTED BY: DAMIENDUCKS Soaking the nuts in salt water before you roast them serves two purposes! First, it makes them very sweet because it removes some of the tannins and the corky bits […]